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Printing connecting unit for the PLC via digital I/O

  • The PG-PRINT has to be connected to the normal PLC-I/O-level with a cable (not scope of the standard delivery) via 8 digital outputs and 1 digital input and the provided PLC-software installed in the S5-PLC
  • Now db-contents (e.g. texts) can be easily passed on via bits and control words to any Centronics-printer (preferably EPSON-emulation in accordance with special characters)
  • 3 additional signals (on demand) can query printer in error status (input), paper-out (input), and printer can be initialised (output)
  • With this system you can accomplish e.g. faults and software-flow-controls well-priced
  • The PG-PRINT-III is designed with a robust metal case and full 8-bit. The connecting cables are assembled on the case. An extensive software tool is included in delivery
  • The PG-PRINT is designed with a plastic case and 7-bit
  • He will be directly plugged on the Centronics-socket. The connecting cable to PLC is not included in delivery

Technical data

Supply voltage: 24V DC +/- 20%
Power consumption: 6 watt
Display: LED for power supply
to the PLC:
1 x phönix plug for PLC-connection
to the PD/PC:
1 x 25pol D-Sub-female for printer connection
1 x connection plug for 24V/DC power supply
Operating temperature: 0 - 55°C
Case: powder coated metal case
Dimensions: 109 x 107 x 34 mm
Scope of delivery:
For PG-PRINT: installation-material for 25pin cable-connection to PLC
For PG-PRINT-III: Centronix-cable for Printer-connection
For PG-PRINT-III: Connector 16pin big (for PLC-connection)
Commercial data:
EAN number: 4260363240512
HS-code: 85389099

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technical data
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Direct printing from the PLC via dig. I/O

You need production data, circulation lists of your PLC’s, but don’t want to use a CP or don’t get a serial printer anymore? No problem, you need 8 digital outputs and 3 digital inputs of the PLC, and if you connect the PG-Print at it you can generate these lists with a EPSON- or HP-compatible parallel printer.
order data applications technical data

technical data
docu / downloads

All prices plus costs of delivery, shipping insurance and VAT.

Art. ID.namepricequantity 
9364PG-PRINT  Obsolete
printing out of the PLC via dig. I/O
76,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9364-2PG-Print III  Obsolete
incl. PLC-software + cable
138,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
handling blocks for comfortable
approach of the PG-Print
204,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL

order data applications technical data
Art. ID.namepricequantity 
9391.124V DC power-supply unit 625mA
Primary 110V - 240 VAC Euro+USA-plug
39,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL