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ISDN-adapter for analogue terminals - Process Informatik Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

ISDN-adapter for analogue terminals

Full ISDN functionality for traditional analogue terminals

  • Easy installation and automatic recognition of dialling procedure used (pulse dialling, tone dialling)
  • Can be directly connected to an ISDN multiple device port or to a PABX
  • Free internal calls between connected telephones
  • Supports keypad-functions
  • Full ISDN functionality provided, e.g. call waiting, 3-party conference and toggling
  • 2 external calls can be made simultaneously
  • 3 numbers (MSN) per analogue port can be configured (up to 6 MSNs possible)
  • Display of caller's telephone number (CLIP) and reception of SMS messages (FSK-Verfahren) are possible on suitable telephones

Technical data

Supply voltage: via an AC adapter 240V AC 50-60Hz
Interfaces: 1 x ISDN Basic Rate Access (DSS1)
2 x ports for analogue terminals (coding U / F)
1 x port for analogue terminal (coding N) for additional devices
dialling: pulse or tone
Case: plastic case for table operation or wall mounting
Dimensions: 180 x 140 x 45 mm
Scope of delivery:
ISDN-adapter for analogue terminals
Commercial data:
EAN number: 4260363241885
HS-code: 85177090

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Art. ID. name price quantity
9370-ISDN ISDN-adapter for analogue terminals
full ISDN-functionality e.g. call waiting,
3-way conferencing, broker's call
251,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL