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EtherSens - Process Informatik Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH


Networked via LAN - WIFI - LTE
Worldwide access from any device possible
Internal and external data-storage
Simple rail-mounting

Mobile netanalyser

  • Load-studies
  • energy-audits
  • power- and energy-logging
  • simplified load-studies
  • Power consumption
  • Current up to 1000A
  • Voltage up to 500VAC
  • Active-/reactive-/apparent power
  • Power factor cos phi
  • Communication with other PLC like LOGO!, S7-300/400, S7-1200 and S7-1500 via S7-TCPIP RFC1006
  • Supply:
    100-240V 50-60Hz (from L1) / 24VDC (over detachable connector) / USB (from PC/power-pack)
  • Operation/Configuration WEB-browser over LAN / WLAN
  • WLAN operating modes: access point (makes its own network) and client (connects to existing networks)
  • Data storage microSD / FTP-server
To the device


  • Power consumption
  • Current up to 1000A
  • Voltage up to 500VAC
  • Active-/reactive-/apparent power
  • Power factor cos phi
  • Communication with other PLC like LOGO!, S7-300/400, S7-1200 and S7-1500 via S7-TCPIP RFC1006
  • Otherwise as MONI
To the device


  • Digital and analog In-/Outputs
  • Relay-outputs up to 230VAC/16A
  • Evaluating, analyze -> react/control, record
  • Logical analysis and linkages
  • Among each other networked -> I/O-level reflected/transmitted
  • Communication with other PLC like LOGO!, S7-300/400, S7-1200 and S7-1500 via S7-TCPIP RFC1006
To the device


  • I/O, PLC, web-server controlled
  • Email & SMS messages
  • Optical / acoustic messenger external connectable ( horn, luminaire etc. )
  • Acknowledgment possible
  • Communication with other PLC like LOGO!, S7-300/400, S7-1200 and S7-1500 via S7-TCPIP RFC1006
To the device

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Operation via web-browser

To parameterize the EtherSens-device you don´t need a special PC or laptop with special software. Just open with your internet-browser the web-page of the device.

Logged data to Excel

Capture the required values, whether if energy-data, states of inputs or outputs, process values such as oxygen-content in the environment,... and write this with a timestamp in a CSV-file. This file can then be read and processed with Excel.

PLC coupling S5 and S7

Do you need the recorded data in a PLC for further processing? With the RFC1006-option of EtherSens-devices you can write the logged data in a DB of a specified PLC and also read. Even flag-words can be read. Has your PLC no ethernet-port, then you can communicate via the S7-LAN-module over MPI/Profibus. Even the S5-PLC is via S5-LAN++-module accessible.

Relaycontacts 230VAC/16A directly over WIFI/LAN

Switch with the EtherSens Control with relay-output easily and directly over LAN or WIFI up to 230VAC/16A, switchable over web-browser, TCP/IP-protocol or PLC-controlled. At the same time you monitor the switching-states on the optional SD-card or on the FTP server.

Logged data to FTP-server

Do you need the logged data not locally but on your site? Then just turn on recording on an FTP-server and the data is stored. You can then immediately read and process this data.


Don´t log with EtherSens-device only the process-values, also monitor them simultaneously. Once a predetermined threshold is exceeded/not reached, the EtherSens-device indicates this.

Standalone recording

With the integrated SD-card-slot you back-up the recorded data in the device and don´t need an external memory. Nevertheless you can send additional the data via FTP to a FTP-server.

E-Mail notification

Do you monitor processes and upon reaching a predetermined upper/lower limit, you need a message? Then activate in the device the limit-value-monitoring and you get this message. Furthermore, the device also sends its state and you are always up to date.

Worldwide access

No matter where you are, access to the EtherSens-device and its web-interface is available from everywhere.

Parallel access LAN/WiFi

Access parallel via LAN and Wifi to the EtherSens-device. Therefor create via the web-server for each way an ip-address, regardless whether its the same subnet or not.

Standardised time

Should all EtherSens devices record time-synchronized in your equipment? By coupling with an NTP-time-server, all devices pick up the current time and adjust this.

Battery buffered time

You always need a current time, but do not always have a time-server on site. With the integrated battery-backed RTC you always have the current time in the unit. Even if the power fails, the time in the unit continues to operate, so that when the voltage returns, the time continues to run correctly.


You need a DHCP server on your network. Activate this functionality in your EtherSens-device and you have immediately a server in the network. Consistently, the EtherSens-device also can act as DHCP-slave.


By the EtherSens-cloud each EtherSens-device can exchange data, transfer data and forward to other devices. As if you use one device that records all necessary parameters centrally.

LAN-subscriber to the WiFi

You also need to network devices but don´t have locally no ethernet-cable. Wifi is available? With the EtherSens-Bridge you bring immediately all connected wired participants in the WLAN network.

Take over control-tasks

Capture with the Ethersens-device not only your process-values, you would be able to do control-tasks with the device.

Data acquisition/logging

By connecting a line-recorder to the EtherSens-device anyone without network-knowledge can visually capture and further process the log.

Detect unnecessary idling

Detect the efficiency of your plant by EtherSens devices. Log the preset parameters and evaluate them then later. Find so unnecessary idle-times.

Energy-data acquisition

Do you also need the energy-consumption of your plant or need to determine the cos phi? With the EtherSens Energy you can capture and record by using a Rogowski-coil or folding-core the required values.

Message dispatch from the PLC

Send directly from your PLC news, statuses, alarms as SMS or email.

Detecting and controlling

Control with the EtherSens-devices your systems and determine the switching-points at which the device must react. Either it performs an action or inform you via email or SMS.