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ALF-KG - Process Informatik Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH


Industrial WLAN-Router
High-speed datarate up to 150Mbit/s
Integrated firewall

ALF-KG is obsolete! ALF-UA replaces the ALF-KG.
You can find more about this device on the product-page of the device.

  • For S7-1200, S5-LAN++, S7-LAN and Ethernet-CPs usable
  • Connecting a network subscriber (also over switch) as Client to an Access Point
  • Can be also driven as an Access-Point
  • No configuration of AdHoc-mode on the notebook needed
  • Simply configuration with included english web-server
  • Auto-negotiation of the RJ45-Ethernet jack
  • Integrated DHCP-server
  • Provides passive PoE (12V DC)
  • High data-transfer; providing data rates of up to 150Mbps; is compatible with legacy 802.11b/g equipment
  • Integrated firewall with SPI to protect the internal host from hacker attacks
  • Wireless security is comprehensive and includes WPA/WPA2 PSK
  • Provides helpful features like Rich WDS, Dual SSIDs, Static Routing, QoS and more
  • For Din-Rail-mounting
  • Power supply 24V DC over spring-contact

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Technical data

Supply voltage: 24V/DC +/- 20%
Power consumption: 1,2 watt
Display: status-LEDs
Handling/Configuration: with integrated webserver
to antenna:
RP-SMA-female connector (reverse polarity) with 5 dBi
to the PLC:
10/100BaseTX RJ45-ethernetplug
to the PD/PC:
WLAN connection (802.11 b/g/n)
Security WEP 64/128bit
WPA (TKIP with IEEE 802.1x)
WPA2 (AES with IEEE 802.1x)
WPA Mixed
Operating temperature: -20 - 60°C
Case: plastic clamping-case
Dimensions: 115 x 110 x 22.5 mm
Scope of delivery:
Commercial data:
EAN number: 4260363244480
HS-code: 85176200
Weight: 0.3000 kg

technical data
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24V-supply from the PLC

Unbenanntes Dokument

You want to install your ALF directly in the switch-board and would like to use the 24V of the existing S7-PLC? No problem, connect the open ended side of the Kabelbrücke to the 24V port on your ALF and the bus-side on the MPI- or Profibus of this PLC. Even the ALF is supplied above this PLC.

Operation as an access point

Unbenanntes Dokument

You are on site your plant and should move round the machine and simultaneously control or monitor. No problem, you parametrize ALF as an access-point and connect your S7-LAN or other network-client to him, connect your PC with him and you are online on the PLC.

Operation as a WLAN-client

Unbenanntes Dokument

You are on site your plant and should move round the machine and simultaneously control or monitor. WLAN is reachable, but your PC is not able to provide WLAN. No problem, you parametrize ALF as a client and connect him to the PC and join the reachable WLAN and you are online on the PLC.

Operation as bridge

Unbenanntes Dokument

You have two or more clients which should communicate together without LAN-cable-connection? No problem, you connect a "Access-Point" configured ALF to this device and to the other device a "Client" configured ALF. Then connect the "Client" with the "Access-Point" and the device are able to communicate together.

No direct connected LAN-client required

Unbenanntes Dokument

You have some LAN-clients and want to communicate via WLAN with them? No problem, you connect ALF to a switch and you are able to communicate with all this clients. You don´t need a direct connect client.

Easiest configuration by included webserver

Unbenanntes Dokument

To configure ALF you don´t need additional driver or special cables, you connect your PC via LAN or WLAN with ALF and over the integrated webserver you can configure the needed function.

Integrated dhcp-server

Unbenanntes Dokument

You use your PC in your company network with DHCP, so you don´t have to care the everlasting setting of the ip-address. No problem, ALF also can be configured as a DHCP-server and assigns you accessing to the device via LAN or WLAN an ip-address from a predefined address range.

Passive PoE

Unbenanntes Dokument

You don´t want to power ALF with 24V DC because you have in your network PoE "Power over Ethernet" in use. No problem, ALS provides passive PoE, this means he can be powered with the not used cables of the lan-cable with 12V DC. You don´t need additional the 24V DC.
Attention:Don´t connect a PoE-cable to a lan-client which don´t provides PoE! The device could be damaged!

Autonegotiation on RJ-45

Unbenanntes Dokument

You need ALF to connect to a reachable WLAN, but only have a patch-cable? No problem, ALF provides "autonegotiation" and this means that he recognises a connected cable (patch-cable or cross-over-cable) and surround the pinning according to the cable, so a communication is possible.

Integrated firewall

Unbenanntes Dokument

You use ALF as a WLAN-router to connect your PC with the internet. No Problem, this Sie nutzen ALF als WLAN-Router um Ihren PC ins Internet zu bringen. Kein Problem, ALF masters this task without problems. Its built-in firewall ensures that no hacker from outside changes your configuration or moves in your network.

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technical data
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Art. ID.namepricequantity 
9352-ALF-KG ALF high-speed WIFI-Router for Din-Rail-mounting  Obsolete
Industrial High-speed WIFI-Router
Din-Rail-mounting with terminal-case
249,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL

order data applications technical data Cart
Summe: 0,-
Art. ID.namepricequantity 
9352-ALF ALF
Industrial WLAN-Router Rev. A
249,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9352-ALF-UA ALF-UA high-speed WIFI-Router for Din-Rail-mounting
Industrial WIFI-Router for Unified Access
Integrated USB-port
Basic-plattform, functionality with
software-options expandable
One-click mounting
299,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL

order data applications technical data Cart
Summe: 0,-
Art. ID.namepricequantity 
9350-9-CHP-24V-OUT CheapConn Busconnector with 24V-output
Comfortable power supply for
ALF, TONI and WLAN-Klemme
69,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9352-ALF-ANT Magnetic base antenna
for ALF
cable length: 1,5m
78,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9352-ALF-ANT-AUßEN Stationary antenna for outdoor fastening
for ALF, cable length: 1m
incl. holder for mast-mount and cable
89,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9352-ALF-ANT-WAND Stationary antenna for wall fastening
for ALF, cable length: 2,5m
incl. wall holder
79,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9352-ALF-KABEL Connection-cable for beam/sector antenna
cable length: 3m
49,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9352-ALF-RICHT-ANT Beam antenna for ALF
Beam antenna with 20dBi power gain
for classic radio link
connection cable optional
119,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9352-ALF-SEKT-ANT Sector antenna for ALF
Sector antenna with 17dBi power gain and
bundled radiation. Connection cable optional
179,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9391-USB USB-powercable for 24V DC, max. 3W
USB-plug type A to 2 open braids
24V DC, maximum current: 125mA (for PC
length: 5m
89,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9391.1 24V DC power-supply unit 625mA
Primary 110V - 240 VAC Euro+USA-plug
39,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9636-TCPIP Patch-cable 3m, Cat5+, shielded
RJ45 plug <=> RJ45 plug, 1:1
10,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9636-TCPIP.1M Patch-cable 1m, Cat5e, shielded
RJ45 plug <=> RJ45 plug, 1:1
14,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL