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MPI / PPI - Profibusmodem - Process Informatik Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

MPI / PPI - Profibusmodem

Programming of S7-PLC’s via telephone from afar

  • Standard modem-protocol, the Siemens TS-software is needed
  • Analogue modem for world wide use
  • Data transmission via radio (GSM)
  • Screwable antenna/prolongable (GSM)
  • For Siemens-S7-Teleservice
  • Incl. modem-cable and S7-cable (1m)
  • GSM-Modem incl. magnetic base antenna and S7-cable (1m)

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Technical data

Supply voltage: 24V/DC +/- 20%
Power consumption: 5 watt
Display: expressive LCD-display
4 status-LEDs
Handling/Configuration: integrated keypad
to the PLC:
PPI/MPI/Profibus interface: 9,6 KBd - 12 MBd
to the PD/PC:
RS232: 9,6 KBd - 115,2 KBd / with a 1on1-cable to the PC
Integrated modem: 33K6-analogue modem
Operating temperature: 5 - 55°C
Case: powder coated metal case with mounting flange
Dimensions: 165 x 90 x 50 mm
Scope of delivery:
MPI / PPI - Profibusmodem
MPI-conncting-cable 1m
Power connector 3pins big
For Analogue-version: telephone-cable TAE
For GSM-version: magnetic base antenna
Commercial data:
EAN number: 4260363240031
HS-code: 85389099

Kleverles Projekte

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Remote maintenance / telecontrol of PLC

The access to the connected PLC with the Siemens TS-software or PG-2000 including TS-option results of coupling via Analogue-, ISDN- (only with AB-adapter) as well as GSM-line.
Use on-site without PC-adapter?

With the MPI/PPI/Profibus-modem you can connect serial to your PC/laptop and then communicate directly with the PLC without a PC-adapter or other S7-programming cables.

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technical data
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All prices plus costs of delivery, shipping insurance and VAT.

Art. ID.namepricequantity 
9379-G-OP MPI/PPI-Modem GSM
maximum baud rate MPI- and Profibus
up to 12Mbaud
619,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9379-OP MPI/PPI-Modem
maximum baud rate MPI- and Profibus up to
469,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL

order data applications technical data Cart
Summe: 0,-
Art. ID.namepricequantity 
9359.1:1 1:1 cable 9pins D-SUB
D-SUB 9pins (male) <=> D-Sub 9pins (female),
23,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-8-AT Special phone-cable for Austria
RJ12 plug <=> telephone plug of Austria
23,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-8-BE Special phone-cable for Belgium
RJ12 plug <=> telephone plug of Belgium
23,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-8-CH Special phone-cable for Switzerland
RJ12 plug <=> telephone plug of Switzerland
23,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-8-D/USA Phone-cable analogue Germany+USA
RJ12 plug <=> RJ12 plug
with TAE-adapter for Germany
10,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-8-DK Special phone-cable for Denmark
RJ12 plug <=> telephone plug of Denmark
23,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-8-FR Special phone-cable for France
RJ12 plug <=> telephone plug of France
23,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-8-GB Special phone-cable for Great Britain
RJ12 plug <=> telephone plug of Great Britain
23,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-8-IT Special phone-cable for Italy
23,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-8-NL Special phone-cable for Netherlands
RJ12 plug <=> telephone plug of the Netherlands
23,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-ISDN ISDN-adapter for analogue terminals
full ISDN-functionality e.g. call waiting,
3-way conferencing, broker's call
251,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-SET Phone-connector-set 16parts   Obsolete
worldwide use
230,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-TAE TAE junction box
analogue telephone box (NFN)
for on-wall mounting
20,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9372-24 Power connector 3pins big
connector plug lockable by jack with screws
3,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9379-ANT Magnetic base antenna
for TP, TS + MPI-Modem
24,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9379.1 MPI-/Profibus connecting cable 1m
connects MPI-modem/TP-II with the S7-PLC
10,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9391.1 24V DC power-supply unit 625mA
Primary 110V - 240 VAC Euro+USA-plug
39,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL