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Data exchange between OPC-Clients and PLC’s

  • When using the products:
    • S5-LAN++
    • S7-LAN
    • MPI-LAN
    • MPI-II-Kabel
    • S7-USB
    • MPI-USB
    you can use the free license "OPC-Manager lite". This license is limited to a maximum of 100 items.
    Please request the license with the serial-number of the respective product.
  • OPC-Clients due to specification 1.0 / 2.0
  • Provided protocols (depending on the used license):
    • S7 TCP/IP (RFC1006, CP343-1, CP443-1, S7-LAN, MPI-LAN)
    • S7 MPI / PPI (MPI/PPI-Kabel, MPI-II, MPI-USB, S7-USB)
    • S5 TCP/IP – H1 (RFC1006, CP143-TCP, S5-LAN++, VIPA-CP)
    • S5 AS512 (RK511)
    • S5 3964R (RK512)
    • Moeller PS4/PS416
    • AEG A120/A250 (KS-functions)
    • Modbus RTU/ASCII serial, TCP/IP, remote data transmission
    • IBH softec SoftPLC
    • WAGO Ethernet TCP/IP FPC
    • SAIA PLC (S-Comm)
  • Clearly arranged listing of links with status display
  • Four serial ports (COM1 – COM4)
  • Low CPU stress
  • Unlimited number of connections
  • Manualy creation of items as well as possible by OPC clients
  • Display of actual and nominal value
  • Recording of the linked communication modules in real time
  • Each configured control can be switched into simulation mode
  • For Win2000, XP, Server2003, Vista, Win7, Win8.1 and Win10 (32-/64-bit)
  • License is licensed on PC-hardware.
    USB-dongle is an alternative, because wherever the dongle is plugged the license is running.
Commercial data:
EAN number: 4260363240611
HS-code: 85234999

Kleverles Projekte

order data applications technical data

technical data
docu / downloads

All prices plus costs of delivery, shipping insurance and VAT.

Art. ID.namepricequantity 
9760OPC-Manager liteon request INFOMAIL
9760-100OPC-Manager S7 TCP/IP RFC1006
+ OPC S7 PPI S7-200
+ OPC S5 AS511 serial
+ OPC S5 H1 on TCP
on request INFOMAIL
9760-110OPC-Manager (like 9760-100)
company license per protocol
on request INFOMAIL

order data applications technical data
Art. ID.namepricequantity 
9760-004OPC XML-DA-packageon request INFOMAIL
9760-012OPC WAGO on TCP
Single license
on request INFOMAIL
9760-022OPC S5 H1 on ISOon request INFOMAIL
9760-09OPC Klöckner Moeller on TCPon request INFOMAIL
9760-10OPC AEG 120/250 KS-Fct. serialon request INFOMAIL
9760-19OPC Modbus Slave seriell on TCPon request INFOMAIL
9769-23OPC 3964R
with RK512 serial
on request INFOMAIL
9769-24OPC 3964R
with RK512 TCP/IP with 3964R LAN
on request INFOMAIL

order data applications technical data
Art. ID.namepricequantity 
9760-100-USBUSB-Dongle for OPC-Manager
at licensing
on request INFOMAIL
9760-100-USB-NUSB-Dongle for OPC-Manager
past licensing
on request INFOMAIL