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PLC-Router - Process Informatik Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH


Secure access through VPN

Secure connection via network or internet or via modem-line with VPN?
The TeleRouter fulfills all of these requirements. It contains an engine for VPN, regardless of whether a server or a client is required. Configuration of the VPN-engine and the device in general via the integrated web-server.
A corresponding VPN-client for Windows can be downloaded free of charge as an installation-script from the download-page.

Universal coupling
You need a family of devices with which you can solve all your requirements? No problem! With the TELE-router you are able to establish a connection via analog, ISDN or PPPoE (DSL cable modem). The devices are compatible with each other in each case, so that no further additional hardware is needed.
Integrated Firewall-protection
You looking for a device with which you can create a remote maintenance via the Internet without compromising security? No problem, the TELE-Router offers exactly this feature. With the built-in firewall, you can adjust the device completely to your requirements.
Universal network-administration
You need to remote maintenance multiple networks simultaneously and your existing switch / router does not have that many ports? No problem, with the TELE-Router you are able to assign up to 3 IP addresses to each LAN / WAN port, so you can communicate with the various segments and networks.
Operation on DSL-cable-modem
You are looking for a device which can be operated even with DSL? No problem, just plug in your TELE-router to a DSL cable modem, enter the parameters relating to the access data into the device and you are connected to Internet.
Universal router
You need to be realized a flexible device for the remote maintenance of your systems? No problem with the TELE-Router you have a device that you can set easily and quickly to the requirement. Whether you need a connection between the modem and LAN, modem and WAN or LAN and WAN.
Saving of phone cost through call-back
You need a communication over the phone with your operation of facilities, but do not want to pay the phone bills? No problem, with the TELE-router you are able to work even with recall. This means that you first call the device and tell him that you want a call back. If the credentials are correct and the recall is permitted, the TELE-router connection is terminated and then it calls back the transferred number. Your customer shall bear the cost of the connection.
Integrated phone-book
You have to consider several facilities and do not want to keep a watch list with phone numbers? No problem, the TELE-router contains a phone book, so you any time maintain the entire data connection in the router and build to the opposite side by clicking the link in the web browser.
Integrated WebServer
You would like to use a device that is small and handy and reasonably parameterizable yet? No problem, with the TELE-Router you fulfill all these requirements. The device is parameterizable via an integrated web server, connections self-explanatory.
All prices plus costs of delivery, shipping insurance and VAT.
All prices plus costs of delivery, shipping insurance and VAT.
All prices plus costs of delivery, shipping insurance and VAT.


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