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TeleRouter - Process Informatik Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

TeleRouter Produktvideo anzeigen

The simple and quick router solution for automation

  • 4 port ethernet switch
  • 1 additional WAN port for routing
  • IPV6-Ready
  • Super simple VPN-Gateway
  • Network routing user-oriented & password-protected
Dial in router
  • Analog (worldwide usage) or ISDN or PPPoE
  • S7-PPI/MPI/DP via S7-LAN
  • S7-1200(1500) or S7300/400 with Profinet-Interface
  • S5 via S5-LAN++
  • Integrated webserver for configuration of the users
  • PPP
  • PPPoE (operation with DSL/cable-modem)
  • IPV6-Ready
  • NAT
  • VPN
  • DynDNS-support
  • DHCP Client/Server
  • NTP-Client
  • Portforwarding
  • Automatic CALL-Back
  • Router-mode
    • Modem <–> LAN
    • Modem <–> WAN
    • WAN <-> LAN
    • User-specific routing (optional)
      For each user definable, which devices (ip-addresses) and to which port may be accessed
  • Multiple IP addresses
    Each WAN/LAN-port can get up to 3 different ip-addresses to make immediately with various IP networks and network segments and addresses (eg 192.168.0.x and 172.16.x.x and 10.x.x.x) remote maintenance.
  • Routing of individual ip-addresses between WAN/LAN-ports configurable
  • Integrated phone-/user-directory:
    In the device telephone- and VPN-users and stored and by clicking on a button, a modem-/VPN-connection is built up to the desired target.

What is the TeleRouter

TeleRouter is a scalable router with 4 x LAN - switch port, 1 x WAN port. Optionally can be installed an analogue- or ISDN-modem.

How does the Profinet-option work

If ProfiNet is enabled, the TeleRouter is used to connect/remote-maintenance of ProfiNet-networks. The ProfiNet-connection is realized via a secure VPN-connection. The VPN-connection can be established via WAN (TCP/IP) or WAN/PPPoE.


Normally the routing is allowed on all network nodes. Once an entry exists in this table, access only on the rules above will be possible. In the standard-edition, the routing is possible only to LAN or from LAN.

Why DynDNS is required

When the TeleRouter will be achieved through Internet for e.g. through OpenVPN, the internet-IP-address must be known. It is useful here not to work with a fixed IP-address, as the provider for a new connection (e.g. via PPPoE) possibly allocate a new IP-address. It is more sensible to address the device with the same domain name.

Up to 3 IP-addresses per port

The WAN/LAN-port has shared IP-addresses, it can configured up to 3 different IP-addresses and subnets.

Technical data

Supply voltage: 24V DC +/- 20%
Power consumption: 6,5 Watt
Display: Web-Browser
4 Status-LEDs
Handling/Configuration: Web-Browser
Taster for factory settings
(depending on the device-variants)
56 KBit/s
64 KBit/s
1 x 10/100BaseTX RJ45-Ethernetjack for WAN-Port
4 x 10/100BaseTX RJ45-Ethernetjack switched
all Ethernetports are Auto MDI-X (auto negotiation)
1 x RJ45-jack for ISDN modem or RS232 (alternativly)
1 x RJ12-jack for analog modem (alternativly)
Operating temperature: 0 - 55°C
Case: powder coated metal case
Dimensions: 154 x 92 x 28 mm
Scope of delivery:
Power connector 3pins big
Commercial data:
EAN number: 4260363240994
HS-code: 85389099
Weight: 1.0000 kg

Kleverles projects

technical data
docu / downloads
order data


Universal coupling
You need a family of devices with which you can solve all your requirements? No problem! With the TELE-router you are able to establish a connection via analog, ISDN or PPPoE (DSL cable modem). The devices are compatible with each other in each case, so that no further additional hardware is needed.
Integrated WebServer
You would like to use a device that is small and handy and reasonably parameterizable yet? No problem, with the TELE-Router you fulfill all these requirements. The device is parameterizable via an integrated web server, connections self-explanatory.
Operation on DSL-cable-modem
You are looking for a device which can be operated even with DSL? No problem, just plug in your TELE-router to a DSL cable modem, enter the parameters relating to the access data into the device and you are connected to Internet.
Secure access through VPN
You are looking for a device that allows you to realize the remote maintenance via the Internet without compromising security? No problem! With the TELE-router you can instantly build a VPN connection after parameterization and after registering, you can communicate with your facilitys. An associated VPN client for the PC can be downloaded from the download page.
Integrated Firewall-protection
You looking for a device with which you can create a remote maintenance via the Internet without compromising security? No problem, the TELE-Router offers exactly this feature. With the built-in firewall, you can adjust the device completely to your requirements.
Saving of phone cost through call-back
You need a communication over the phone with your operation of facilities, but do not want to pay the phone bills? No problem, with the TELE-router you are able to work even with recall. This means that you first call the device and tell him that you want a call back. If the credentials are correct and the recall is permitted, the TELE-router connection is terminated and then it calls back the transferred number. Your customer shall bear the cost of the connection.
Universal router
You need to be realized a flexible device for the remote maintenance of your systems? No problem with the TELE-Router you have a device that you can set easily and quickly to the requirement. Whether you need a connection between the modem and LAN, modem and WAN or LAN and WAN.
Universal network-administration
You need to remote maintenance multiple networks simultaneously and your existing switch / router does not have that many ports? No problem, with the TELE-Router you are able to assign up to 3 IP addresses to each LAN / WAN port, so you can communicate with the various segments and networks.
Integrated phone-book
You have to consider several facilities and do not want to keep a watch list with phone numbers? No problem, the TELE-router contains a phone book, so you any time maintain the entire data connection in the router and build to the opposite side by clicking the link in the web browser.

technical data
docu / downloads

All prices plus costs of delivery, shipping insurance and VAT.
Art. ID. name price quantity
9373-ANALOG TELE-Router analogue (worldwide usage)
OEM - Version (all accessories optional)
440,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9373-ISDN TELE-Router ISDN
OEM - Version (all accessories optional)
520,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9373-PPPOE TELE-Router PPPoE
(operation on DSL-/cable-modem)
OEM - Version (all accessories optional)
390,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL

Art. ID. name price quantity
9373-O-ADRCHG Option for TeleRouter: IP-Address Changer
Take participants with identical IP-addresses
in any networks
110,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9373-O-DIAGNOSE Option for TeleRouter: Diagnosis-module
- Display in the network structure available of
all simatic S7-systems
- Displays properties/diagnostic-buffer of
each simatic S7-PLCs
110,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9373-O-EMAIL Option for TeleRouter: E-Mail/Fax/SMS–messaging
Configurable web-based reporting system for
sending messages and reports by
110,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9373-O-OVPN-EXPERT Option for TeleRouter: OpenVPN-expert
Expert configuration of OpenVPN
Managing external key-files
160,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9373-O-PN-ROUTER Option for TeleRouter: ProfiNet-Router
- Coupling of selected ProfiNet-stations via
modem/DSL/Internet with VPN
- Remote maintenance Simatic S7-ProfiNet
over Internet with VPN/modem
- ProfiNet telegrams Routing
110,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9373-O-S7-LOGGING Option for TeleRouter: S7-logging
PLC controlled backup of a DB on a
180,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9373-O-S7FW Option for TeleRouter: S7-Firewall
Scalable "PLC Firewall" more than IP-/MAC-
address-filtering, it can be protected complete
or single process data areas, even down to
single bits of the PLC.
490,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9373-O-SWITCH-MAN Option for TeleRouter: Switch-Manager
For each individual user definable, which ports
are connected
110,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9373-O-USERROUTE Option for TeleRouter: Userroute
User-specific routing:For each user definable,
which devices (ip-addresses) and to which
port may be accessed
110,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9391-UH Mounting of universal DIN-rail-holder
of the relevant product
59,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL

Art. ID. name price quantity
9352-LANCON S7-LAN connector for Siemens S7 Controller
Ethernetmodule for PPI/MPI/Profibus
399,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9359-LAN S5-LAN++
Industrial Ethernet <=> S5 PD-interface (TTY)
390,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-8-AT Special phone-cable for Austria
RJ12 plug <=> telephone plug of Austria
23,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-8-BE Special phone-cable for Belgium
RJ12 plug <=> telephone plug of Belgium
23,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-8-CH Special phone-cable for Switzerland
RJ12 plug <=> telephone plug of Switzerland
23,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-8-D/USA Phone-cable analogue Germany+USA
RJ12 plug <=> RJ12 plug
with TAE-adapter for Germany
10,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-8-DK Special phone-cable for Denmark
RJ12 plug <=> telephone plug of Denmark
23,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-8-FR Special phone-cable for France
RJ12 plug <=> telephone plug of France
23,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-8-GB Special phone-cable for Great Britain
RJ12 plug <=> telephone plug of Great Britain
23,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-8-ISDN Phone-cable ISDN
RJ45 plug <=> RJ45 plug, assigned 1to1
10,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-8-NL Special phone-cable for Netherlands
RJ12 plug <=> telephone plug of the Netherlands
23,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-SET Phone-connector-set 16parts   Obsolete
worldwide use
230,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9370-TAE TAE junction box
analogue telephone box (NFN)
for on-wall mounting
20,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9372-24 Power connector 3pins big
connector plug lockable by jack with screws
3,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9373-Z-ANTENNE GSM circular antenna PUK
For GSM / GPRS-modem with LAN-interface
For indoor & outdoor applications
Cable length: 3m
162,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9373-Z-GSM/GPRS GSM/GPRS-quadband-modem
with LAN-interface
for DIN-rail-mounting
762,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9391-UH Mounting of universal DIN-rail-holder
of the relevant product
59,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9391.1 24V DC power-supply unit 625mA
Primary 110V - 240 VAC Euro+USA-plug
39,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9636-CROSS Cross-cable 3m Cat5+, shielded
RJ45 plug <=> RJ45 plug, twisted pinning
10,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9636-TCPIP Patch-cable 3m, Cat5+, shielded
RJ45 plug <=> RJ45 plug, 1:1
10,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL
9636-TCPIP.02M Patch-cable 0.25m, Cat5e, shielded
RJ45 plug <=> RJ45 plug, 1:1
14,- € Quickbestellung INFOMAIL