V2.0.17.0      V2.0.16.0      V2.0.15.1      V2.0.15.0      V2.0.14.3      V2.0.14.2      V2.0.14.1      V2.0.13.0   

V2.0.12.1      V2.0.12.0      V2.0.11.1      V2.0.11.0      V2.0.10.0      V2.0.9.0      V2.0.8.0      V2.0.7.0   

  • New Variable format option to define a custom separator used to join arrays elements
  • New Variable format option to define whether CSV values shall be joined
  • New For the recording in a CSV file it can now be determined whether the header line is to be recorded or not
  • Fixed Issue with permanent use of Life Counter
  • Fixed Wrong default PLC address displayed in Life Counter address field
  • New Life Counter in Advanced edition to notify a PLC about running Logger instances
  • Fixed Issue with handling the license machine code
  • Fixed Optimizing generating machine-code
  • Fixed Issue with logging to XML files
  • New Project wide option to consolidate multiple connections to the same PLC device The option can be found within the settings dialog on the "Project" tab
  • Changed Behaviour for event logging to not longer log reccuring events This means that an previously logged event will not re-logged in case it will be recognized by the next trigger event within the same logging session
  • New Added new option to re-enable the old logic to always log reccuring events
  • Fixed Issue with re-written log events until the maximum number of log records is reached
  • Fixed Issue with reading data areas reaching the limits of a data block
  • Fixed Issue with reading string values longer than 221 characters
  • New Increased maximum number of supported variables
  • Fixed Issue with reading the same PLC data multiple times using different variables
  • Issue in drag & drop of variables which led to hanging drag & drop visualization
  • Issue with lost log file in case there the logging is configured to close the file after each write and old entries are to be truncated before writing
  • Improved Drag&Drop expericence by keeping the dragged and dropped row(s) selected including the current row bookmark
  • Improved logging behaviour of CSV logging to always append a commata although the value of a variable is empty and to also write a new line although the whole log record is empty, this does then at least log a new line with the time stamp (if activated)
  • Issues with updating the channel status when logging
  • Issue with not selected trigger after loading a project or creating a new channel
  • Reduced amount of used triggers to realize trigger chains
  • Issue with endless loop in cases there triggers are linked in cyclic order
  • Implemented new conditional trigger negation option
  • Implemented support for a maximum number of trigger runs
  • Implemented additional hexadecimal formats with leading "0x"
  • Enhanced "Include Time Stamp" option to differ between a compound or partitioned time stamp in the log file. While in partitioned mode the time stamp is formatted using seperate date and time formats
  • Implmented acknowledgement which can set, clear and toggle a bit after data has been logged
  • Implemented support for array data on all numerical data types including char and boolean. Just modify the value in the "Length" column when defining a variable. Clear out the length column of a variable to get a scalar variable; otherwise it will be handled as a array variable
  • Different view changes to improve auto-scaling behavior when changing screen resolution/scaling
  • Improved handling when closing an opened log-file to ensure that the internal logger instances can be reused also when closing a file does fail
  • Reworked handling when stopping a started observer instance to ensure that case the stop-thread's does fail to stop the observer, it does correctly reflect this outcome
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