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  • Acknowledgment for triggered values
  • Wrong Trigger check at Conditional- and Edgetrigger
  • Code improvements for trigger handling
  • WriteBuffer - improvements at writing files
  • If attach triggered sheet name was selected, after restart of the software the setting was not set again
  • Keyword: $FILEMAXCOUNT Max count of logfiles > 0, all old files which match the search pattern will be deleted Search pattern: "Filename"*.xls
  • wrong selection at start, when Logo was selected
  • Possibility for startup logging
  • AutoRun was wrong set after restart
  • Improvements of writing files, optimized internal code
  • Expertversion - three instances can be started
  • new GUI - all settings are now editable from GUI new design elements
  • Version "Expert" can use additionally working mode "Regions": data can be written continuously in the worksheet
  • Writing thread - write files in given interval, default 10 seconds
  • Code improvements
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